Will Guns N' Roses Ever Reunite?

About twenty years ago Guns N' Roses were the greatest rock band of the world. They played sold out arenas and stadiums and sold over 100 millions of album copies. Fame, drugs, money and musical differences gradually led to their break up in the mid-nineties. Ugly things were said in a public feud between Slash and Axl. On Friday (August 21st, 2015) Slash said on Swedish TV that he and Axl Rose are friends again. This leads millions of fans to one question: Will the original Guns N' Roses lineup ever get back together as a band again? In the following I try to give you the facts you need to answer this question.

The last time reunion rumors were getting loud was when GNR was introduced into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012. As we now know Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin didn't attend this event. In a letter Rose stated that all reunion demands and questions are "misguided attempts to distract from our efforts with our current lineup". New Guns N' Roses guitarists DJ Ashba and Bumblefoot left the band a few weeks ago so maybe now the tide has turned. 
The reason Izzy left the band in 1991 was the lifestyle the other band members were living and the chronic lateness of Axl at concerts. Unlike back in the days Slash and Duff are sober now. I'm not really sure about the sobriety of Steven Adler but as a last resort I could also imagine a GNR-reunion with Matt Sorum on the drums. However, Axl's problem with being late doesn't seem to be solved yet. I saw Guns N' Roses live in 2010 and 2012 and they were late as fuck.
On the positive side I have to mention that there were many collaborations between the band members in the last years. Izzy was featured on Slash's song "Ghost", on Axl's "Chinese Democracy" album and is currently writing songs with Duff. Duff and Izzy already played live with Axl's New Guns N' Roses. There is also a Youtube-video (see below) where Slash and Izzy join "Adler's Appetite" on stage to perform Mr. Brownstone. The only combination that is missing is Slash and Steven with Axl. 
All in all I'm not sure if there will be a full GNR-reunion including album and world tour but it is very likely that we will see Slash and Axl together on stage again in some kind of form.

UPDATE (December 30th, 2015):
Guns N' Roses recently updated their websites' background picture to the old GNR-Logo (the one with the two guns and the two roses). Rumors started spreading and now it is confirmed (at least the media all around the world reports about it): Part of the original lineup of Guns N' Roses will reunite at the 2016 Coachella Festival in California! Slash, Axl Duff and Dizzy Reed are in. It's unclear who will play drums and rhythm guitar. A North America Stadium Tour in Summer 2016 is also being planned. I hope a European Tour will to follow!  

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