Black Stone Cherry Live In Linz (Pictures, Setlist...)

Yesterday (Wednesday, February 17th 2016) "Black Stone Cherry"played a Live-Show @ Posthof in Linz. The Support band was "Toseland".
It was a great show! Both bands rocked the stage. One thing I would like to point out is the drum playing of BSC-drummer John Fred Young. He is one of the best drummers alive.

The setlist:

Here's some pictures:

Toseland live Austria Linz Posthof
Support band "Toseland" rocking the stage

Black Stone Cherry Linz Posthof 2016
Black Stone Cherry

John Fred Young drum solo linz 2016
Drum solo by the great John Fred Young

Ben Wells out of tune Linz
Ben tuning his guitar
(Chris stopped a song because the guitars were out of tune)

Black Stone Cherry ballad Austria 2016
After the drum solo comes a ballad


  1. Hello!

    Great pics! I also attended the BSC concert on Wednesday it was awesome! I took some pictures with my phone, but the result were not as expected haha.

    I have used three of your images for the concert review I have written for (in Spanish). I have reached your blog through a comment in YouTube from a video from the concert. Your pictures are credited with a link to your blog, please let us know if it's ok with you that we use your pictures. If not please contact us and we will take them away.

    Best regards!

    1. Hello!

      I'm glad you like my pics. The concert was awesome!
      Of course it is ok that you use my pictures. I feel very honored!

      ROCK ON \m/