Neil Young Live @ Burg Clam (Setlist, Pictures,...)

Last night (July 23th, 2016) I was fortunate to see Neil Young and his band "Promise Of The Real" live @ Burg Clam in Upper Austria. I've been to Burg Clam many times before (Slash, Mark Knopfler, ...) and it has always been a great atmosphere there. Yesterday was no exception.

What I like about Neil Young is that he has a strong message behind his songs. He criticizes the exploitation of mother earth, the greed of major corporations and social injustice to name a few topics.
Here's the lyrics of the new additional verse he plays at "Rocking In The Free World" in his 2016 shows:

  "We got a water cannon for the standing man
  Got misinformation from the corporation
  In the endless search for a drop of oil
  People's lives get ruined while we take it from the soil
  Got to show the children we just don't care
  Keep on burnin' it and put it in the air"

I was really surprised of Mr. Youngs great live sound. You can hear it in this video:

Here's the setlist:

My pictures:
Neil Young Burg Clam 2016 Promise Of The Real Summer Day Europe Klam

Neil Young Burg Clam 2016 Promise Of The Real

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