Steel City Festival: Queen, Wanda, Seiler & Speer, Krautschädl Live In Linz (Pictures, Setlist,...)

On Wednesday, May 25, the Steel City Festival took place at "Linzer Stadion". Headliner was Queen with Adam Lambert. Support bands were three Austrian bands: Wanda, Seiler & Speer, Krautschädl.


Krautschädl Live In Linz Steel City Festival 2016
Seiler und Speer Live In Linz Steel City Festival 2016
Seiler & Speer
Wanda Live In Linz Steel City Festival 2016
Queen + Adam Lambert Live In Linz Steel City Festival 2016
Queen + Adam Lambert
These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Steel City Festival Linz Queen 2016

Queen Laser Stage 2016 Adam Lambert

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