Slash Live @ Burg Clam

On July 2nd, 2015 Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators gave a concert at the beautiful Castle Clam. They had 2 opening acts: A young british rock band called RavenEye and the Black Star Riders who basically consist of Thin Lizzy members.

You can find the full setlist of Slashes performance here. The best song in my opinion was "Double Talkin' Jive". It is such a raw rock song with its hard hitting drumming, the powerful guitar riff and the grandiose guitar solo, perfectly performed by the tightest rock band out there. I also loved "Rocket Queen" where Slash played a 12-minute guitar solo. Slash also performed many of his newer stuff which also rocks but it can't beat the old Guns N' Roses tunes.

I rate Slashes concert 11 out of 10. There was no fancy stage show or special effects just pure Rock 'N' Roll music like it should be.

Video of "Double Talkin' Jive" live @ Clam:

Here are some pictures that i made:
raveneye raven eye live burg clam 2015 slash black star riders austria
Opening Act RavenEye: The singer played guitar with his left hand while holding the microphone with his right hand

Burg Clam Slash Panorama Woodstock Feeling
The beautiful venue Castle Clam

Black Star Riders Live @ Burg Clam Slash Vorband 2015
Opening Act Black Star Riders: I loved the last song in their set "Whiskey In The Jar"

Myles Kennedy hands in the air Slash Burg Clam 2015
Slash entering the stage

Slash Burg Clam Klam
The band members from left to right:
Frank Sidoris on the rhythm guitar
The one and only Slash on lead guitar
Myles fuckin' Kennedy on vocals
The awesome Brent Fitz on drums
and last but not least: Todd 'Dammit' Kerns

Slash Burg Clam Double Talkin Jive live 2015
The camera man having the time of his live during the "Double Talkin' Jive" guitar solo

Todd Kerns singing Doctor Alibi Burg Clam Slash Klam
Todd Kerns singing "Doctor Alibi"

Slash Burg Clam Klam 2015
Slash soloing

Myles Kennedy Burg Klam Clam
Myles Kennedy

Slash double neck gibson eds-1275 clam toys marshall
Slash playing his Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck
notice all the toys that slash aligned on his Marshall cabinets

Frank Sidoris Slash Conspirators Burg Clam Klam 2015
Frank Sidoris rocking out on rhythm guitars

Slash Czech Flag Castle Clam 2015
Fans threw a Czech flag at the stage and Myles hung it up on Todd's microphone stand.
When I saw Slash last year in Vienna there were also Czech fans who threw their flag at the stage.

slash flying v clam klam
Guitar God Slash soloing

Last song "Paradise City".
Fun Fact: Originally Slash wanted the lyrics to be "Take me down to the Paradise City where the girls are fat and they've got big titties" but the other band members disagreed.

slash end of the show clam austria 2015
Thank you for the great show!

slash taking a bow clam 2015 dammit austria
The band taking a bow

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