Mark Knopfler Live @ Burg Clam

July 12th, 2015: After Brian May, Angus Young and Slash I finally saw the concert of a fourth guitar god this year. His name is Mark Knopfler and he is well known for his time as lead guitarist and singer of Dire Straits. Now he is touring solo to promote his Soloalbum "Tracker" and I got to see his show at the beautiful Castle Clam (where I saw Slash too). I think there is no "Best Guitar Solo"-list without his fabulous "Sultans Of Swing". His playing style is unique - nobody plays fingerstyle-guitar the way he does. He says that he always got a pick in his pocket - only for emergencies.

Knopfler and his band played very well. What I missed were many Dire Straits classics like "Twisting By The Pool", "Walk Of Life" and "Money For Nothing". What I really liked was "Romeo and Juliet" and of course "Sultans Of Swing". He played many new songs that I don't know but they were okay. He could have played more guitar solos though...

You can find the full Setlist here.

Now my pictures:
Burg Clam Mark Knopfler 2015

Panorama Burg Clam

Burg Castle Clam Stage

Klaus Pruenster Prünster Opening Act Vorband Knopfler Mark

Mark Knopfler singing Clam Sunshine

Mark Knopfler Applause Dire Straits Encore

Knopfler Dire Straits 2015 Wave Hands

Encore Castle Clam Rock N Roll Knopfler

Knopfler Guitar Solo Clam Red Strat Mark Dire Straits

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