It's Been A Long Time Since I Rock And Rolled – Grand Zeppelin Live In Steyr

Yesterday I went to a club called röda in Steyr(Austria) to see the Led Zeppelin tribute band Grand Zeppelin. I've seen this band before so I knew it was going to be awesome.
Grand Zeppelin in Steyr
The band members are:
Don John von Budi – bass, keys, vocals, mandolins
"The Loud" Ivanovic – drums
Segnior Phelippe Voxari – vocals
Graf Vlad Tiberiu von Transilvanien – guitars

Don John von Budi is probably the best musician of the four. His versatility really pushes the band to another level. Nevertheless 90 percent of the time I was focused on the fingers of Graf Vlad. To see a local guy play guitar like this always gives me the motivation to practice even harder.
The singer Segnior Phelippe Voxari really did Robert Plant justice. When watching the videos on Youtube he is not always spot-on but in concert it doesn't matter at all – he delivers the Rock'N'Roll-feeling and that's what it's all about. The same applies to the drumming of "The Loud" Ivanovic - I think the picture below says it all.
Light Force C1 Grand Zeppelin
broken drumstick of "The Loud" Ivanovic

Grand Zeppelin - Goin' To California Live im röda
Tuning the mandolin and foolin' around before Goin' To California

Grand Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven Live im röda
Stairway To Heaven gave me goosebumps

Grand Zeppelin cover band rocking it hard
Another picture of the band rocking it hard

Check out this video of Grand Zeppelin playing "The Ocean"

All in all it was a great evening with the songs I love played by a great band. They are not Led Zeppelin but they are as close as you can get without signing a contract with the devil.

Thank you Grand Zeppelin for keeping the legend alive!


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