The Champions Of The World: Queen + Adam Lambert

Yesterday I saw Queen + Adam Lambert live in Vienna together with 13k other Queen fans. I had a seat which is not my favourite way of watching a concert but the standing was sold out when I bought my ticket. Anyways the sound was very good where I was sitting so I can’t really complain.
Queen Live in Vienna Wien 2015
My view

Queen Ticket Vienna Price 2015
Queen Ticket

For those who don’t know Adam Lambert: He won second place at “American Idol” in 2009. Since 2012 he is the singer of Queen and let me tell you: This guy can sing. His vocal range is amazing. And not only that, but also he has the attitude to be “The Queen”.
What I enjoyed most is the melodic guitar playing by Brian May. He is one of my idols. The sound of his self-built guitar in combination with the Vox amp is unique. Only thing I have to criticize: He fooled around with his delay effect a bit too long in his solo.
Roger Taylor did a very cool drum solo/battle with his son Rufus (each on separate drum sets). His vocal performance in “A Kind Of Magic” was really impressive.

Watch this video to get an impression of the new line-up:

The setlist was very diverting. Only thing I was missing is “Don’t Stop Me Now”. There are few artists that can play over 2 hours of original material that everybody knows from the radio.
queen close-up stage
A closer shot of the stage

I really enjoyed the show, it was very entertaining and musically on a high level. Freddie would be proud I think.

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