Bottom Of The Well (Airbourne) - Cover & TABS

I just finished my work on the guitar cover of "Bottom Of The Well".
It's a YouTube-Video that shows all the guitar parts of the song (2 Rhythm Guitars + Lead Guitar). 

I also published the corresponding TABS on my blog.
If you find any mistakes in the tablature please let me know in the comment-section of the tab.

I got the inspiration for doing this cover/tab when I saw the below YouTube comment under another "Bottom Of The Well" cover.
Bottom Of The Well TABS

It turned out that it was quite a bit of work to do this. Have a look at the screenshots of my audio recording software and of the video editor to get an impression.
Airbourne Bottom Of The Well TABS
Screenshot: Audio recording software
Bottom Of The Well Video Lesson TABS
Screenshot: Video editing software

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